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Being a busy mom, businesswoman and life is always busy and not eating right or enough was one of my biggest issues. Since hitting the 40's I found the weight just piled on without even eating more...I just had to look at food and I was heavier. This affected me so much on an emotional level. Being someone who was anorexic in her twenties I battled with my body and felt ashamed of myself, not being tiny or having a flat tummy made me hate myself again. And going back to my old ways was not an option anymore. I had to learn how to fix it and be healthy and happy again. This is when I found Sprezzatura! It was so simple just tablets in a bottle and there you go... With and easy to follow eating plan and that's it! Gosh I was overcome with emotion, within the first week I lost just over 5kgs...and the weight was dropping each time. In 3 months, I lost 16kgs and I'm still losing it... For me the energy I had whilst on Sprezzatura was phenomenal. Being able to continue throughout the day with energy and a "happy" feeling was amazing. I didn't crave food or as you would say the "lekker goed". The eating plan was so easy and so simple to do, and I love the fact that all the ingredients in Sprezzatura are natural! Looking at myself now in the mirror I am loving what I am seeing... I am liking the person and the best part is that I am eating properly and healthy and not missing meals and then overindulging. I still have my moments when I fall off the wagon, but I get straight back on it again...and focus on what I want to achieve, this Jestine helped me with. The support and motivation helped to keep me focused to achieve my weight loss goal. Making Sprezzatura part of my lifestyle was easy and something that worked so well for me and is still working. Sprezzatura's aim is to empower and motivate women, to believe in themselves and I can honestly say Sprezzatura has given me back my confidence again!


I'm a 39 year old mom to a soon to be 4 year old daughter and wife to an amazing man. Before I met Brandon my weight was pretty normal and stable 65kg. The first 3 years of our relationship was great gyming together eating healthy-ish, then I fell pregnant, and I put on 18 kgs while pregnant. I believed I would get back to my normal weight quickly but the bad habits I picked up during my pregnancy had stuck with me for almost 4 years. I saw Marc's add on Facebook and I took a chance. He messaged back and that's where my journey with Sprezzatura started on the 1st of May at 76.2kgs. I lost 2.6 in the first week it was very difficult as we were building at home, but I didn't give in. The second week I found it a lot easier to maintain the cravings for the sweet stuff. I no longer smelt the sweets, chips or biscuits my hubby and daughter were eating. By the third week I started getting compliments from people noticing a change which made my confident levels so much higher. My energy levels had never been this high ever.

The support from Jestine and the ladies on the group kept the moral high and kept me going through the last two months on Sprezzatura. My current weight is 66.5 I have lots a total of 9.7kgs, my weight is pretty stable at the moment. I'm heading for that 10kgs mark. I would definitely recommend Sprezzatura to those ladies who need that confidence boost to feel sexy and amazing again. The two month sacrifice is worth ever meal, glass of wine, chocolate that was sacrificed. ️

Sam Leigh

I started my journey with Sprezzatura on 01 May. Friends ask "why Sprezzatura"? My initial, simple answer, "no reason" but I have nothing to lose (the irony, I know). My first week was tough as I had to change bad eating habits but I wanted my body back. I wanted this. Within the first 3 days of starting, there was a huge increase in my energy levels. That already elevated my motivation, coupled with the incredible 24/7 support from Jestine and her team. Now I’m not going to give you my day by day journey but I’m going to mention the mile stones. After week 1, I had dropped 3.8 kilos. I got on and off the scale 10 times for fear it was deceiving me. I literally could not believe what I was seeing. When I twigged that the scale was in fact not playing games with me, I was overwhelmed with excitement and a sudden change in confidence. I think I beamed the entire day. You see the beauty of feeling like that is that you realise that this is working and it only encourages you to continue. For someone who battles with anxiety and depression, I was very reluctant to try the product as so many in the past had some horrific side effects. But there I was, start of week 2, managing with the lifestyle change perfectly and absolutely no signs of any side effects at all. This, of course, amped me even further. I grew very excited about the product. People started commenting on my appearance, the fact that my clothes were looser and looking a bit "hangy", as one friend put it. Bearing in mind I never mentioned my Sprezzatura journey to anyone as I had tried so many in the past and failed every time, so I didn’t need the eyeroll or the comments of "why will it be different this time?". So now I start realising even more, that this product is WORKING. If people around me are complimenting me without knowing, THIS IS WORKING. In a nutshell, I could see a difference and feel a difference. My 36's started hating me as they were being criticised about needing to be " traded in" for smaller models. Skip to 8 weeks later, I’m now 10.1 kilos down and I'm a dress size smaller. Haven’t done much shopping as I'd rather save up and spend more on cute Summer dresses. Something I haven't been able to wear confidently for some years. Guys, long story short, this is not a paid testimonial, this is not rehearsed. This is nothing more than an extremely happy customer letting you know that Sprezzatura has given me my life back, my confidence, my self love, my self worth. I cannot thank Jestine and her team enough for the ongoing support, continued motivation, pushing me back onto the wagon when I felt I may have been sliding off. On the good days, they pushed me harder. On the harder days, they re-grounded and motivated me. They were there every step of the way. I was never alone. As an end note, I would like to answer the earlier question of "what makes Sprezzatura my choice"?........... Results and everything else…


Since I started taking Sprezzatura, I noticed an instant difference in my energy levels as I was constantly feeling sluggish. I noticed a very positive difference in my mood which was uplifting as well as a decrease in my anxiety levels. I have a spastic colon and hence did not have great bowel movement. Sprezzatura assisted me in having a better digestive system. I lost a significant amount of weight but most importantly, my loss in centimeters was most profound. Jackets which I couldn't button up and pants which I struggled to put on, are now too loose and new clothes are needed. Colleagues, friends and family have seen a huge change in my appearance as well as in my mood and energy levels. I cannot believe how much the product Sprezzatura has helped me. This is not merely a formula to assist in weight loss, it is holistically targeted in changing one's lifestyle of having a healthy and balanced eating regime as well. I would definitely recommend this formula to anyone wanting to lose weight or get into a healthy lifestyle of balanced eating.


Success to me was about constantly studying, pushing to work harder and climbing that ladder constantly which is what I have done for all my years of working. Was I successful in my career? Yes! Have I achieved a lot at a young age? Yes! but there was a sacrifice to this…My health, my body, and my confidence. I was not always overweight. I think I was reasonably comfortable till the age of 26 just before having my two beautiful kids, however I spent less time focusing on myself and more time focused on building my career. I was doing great, I got promotion after promotion, blinded by what was happening to my body, my health, physically and mentally until my health took a knock…

Whether it was the pandemic, life’s stresses, I was suffering with chronic headaches, other which is not what this testimony is about, but it was important enough for me to realise that I am important, my health is important, and I made the decision then and there I need to take control of my life again and invest in myself! Trying different diets and exercising helped me lose weight, however it required discipline, motivation, and consistency. I was doing well, until I became tired with everything that was going on. I stopped exercising, I stopped watching what I ate, and I lost focus again and so the weight piled up. I was telling a dear friend of mine about how tired, and sluggish I was feeling lately, making excuses to not exercise as I was feeling ashamed on picking up all that weight again. It just shows you that your emotions and how you feel about yourself can deter you from your goals…. That’s when my dear friend, said “I have the solution for you, I’ve been on this journey of weight loss which has a holistic approach in helping you achieve your weight loss goals, and I think you should try it”. That’s when I was introduced to Sprezzatura.

What an amazing product, the weight loss philosophy as they say. Their vision is to inspire and transform you to own your confidence. The product formula was developed to activate 9 different systems in the body to help women lose weight fast and effectively. This accompanied by support, coaching, emotional health training, giving you that self-love confidence boost that we all need as women to control our emotions. From the very first day, I had so much energy again. I was exercising consistently again. This approach I am taking this time around is being more kind to myself. Patience, and celebrating even the small successes. First month done and dusted. Feeling lighter, feeling energised, motivated, confident, and less stressed. Excited to continue my journey with Sprezzatura, reap the rewards and share my successes with you. Health, body goals and confidence loaded…..Cheers to a different perspective of success!

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