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Sprezzatura is all woman, everything woman!

Our vision is to inspire and transform you to own your confidence.

Losing weight is much harder for women than men. There are complexities beyond simply cutting calories and watching the weight fall off. Emotional, Physical and Social barriers that simply aren't addressed by a male-dominated fitness industry

add to the difficulties women face in losing weight.

Sprezzatura's aim is to empower and motivate women, to believe in themselves and gain inner strength to reach their weight loss goals. We believe that no woman should be restricted by our societal values, which unfairly, and somewhat arbitrarily, place greater focus on women's appearances than men.

As women we are more self-critical about the way we look. The thoughts you think and your self-talk about being overweight can make you feel empty, ashamed, or isolated.

I believe that a woman can either have incredible inner strength based on the way she thinks and feels about her body, mind, and spirit. Or the exact opposite can have a debilitating effect on her, confining personal growth, self-worth, and achievement in life. If you have weight to lose, realise that you are not your weight.

Wipe the sentence "I am fat" from your vocabulary. You are not fat. You have fat.

Having biologically necessary fat cells, even if it's in abundance,

should in no way be tied to your identity. Accepting and understanding this will allow you to appreciate progress, be realistic about expectations, and most importantly be kind to yourself. The rest we have done for you. 

We’ve developed a potent weight loss formula that activates 9 different systems in the body to help women lose weight fast and effectively. ​In conjunction with a holistic approach to training and mind coaching that will help you get physically healthy and emotionally healthy while owning the self-love and getting your sexy back.

One day, or day one. You decide...

Jestine Ensloin

Sprezzatura Mind and Body Coach 
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South Africa 


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Weight loss for women is not simply about calories in and calories out. Deeply engraved patterns of behaviour may cause you to have excess weight. We believe that treating excess weight is a combination of transforming your Mind and your Body so that you can effectively lose the weight and keep it off.

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