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The Sprezzatura programme is a 12 week complete Mind and Body transformation journey. This program is going to be your last diet or your first and only one. Our mission is to transform you to your full potential, a healthy, emotionally balanced and confident woman. This program is designed to make you lose weight while you completely change the way you think and feel about yourself. This is your time to take back control, make yourself a priority and own your confidence!


  • you have struggled with your weight as long as you can remember

  • you are going through a difficult time, for example you recently got divorced, and want to lose excess weight

  • you are currently in a relationship for example a marriage that is painful and you feel fat, ugly and broken

  • you have tried fad diets before and they have not worked

  • you have excess weight around your belly

  • you may be insulin resistant

  • you have a deep rooted problem that interferes with or sabotage your weight loss efforts

  • you are an emotional eater

  • you have low self esteem and no self love

  • you have a sugar addiction

  • you struggle with shame, guilt and humiliation


This Clinical Approach combines a Scientifically designed and formulated Supplement with a Diet Plan that suits your pace and lifestyle, used in conjunction with a Mind Transformation Course which is key to improving your confidence and empowering yourselfYou will explore topics that motivates self discovery and personal growth, analyse important aspects of yourself that will challenge your mind set, your emotions and your behaviours. Develop greater self-awareness and increase your self esteem. Uncover your true purpose and potential, while you learn who you truly are. We will discuss topics such as emotional eating, self destructive behaviour, and your inner critic, all which can hinder weight loss efforts, make you put the weight back on from previous dieting and obstruct your personal development. Watch as the weight falls off weekly with our interactive Mind & Body Tracker, a useful tool that allows you to check in on your progress and monitor your success and engagement. 

Get ready to get your sexy back and reach that weight loss goal!


  • 3 Months Supply of the Revolutionary Sprezzatura Weight Loss Supplement Targeting 9 different Avenues of Weight Loss

  • A choice of 3 different Diet Plans. You can select one depending on your lifestyle, the amount of weight you want to lose and at the pace in which you want to lose it.

  • An Integrated Online Portal that gives you access to useful tools and important resources to address Mood and Emotional Well Being

  • Digital Mind and Body Trackers 

  • Weekly check-ins with your Sprezzatura Mind and Body coach to keep you accountable

  • Join the Sprezzatura WhatsApp support group and connect with Ladies who are going through the same journey.

  • Insightful webinars that motivate and support you through your transformation 


  • Supplied inside your pack is your unique coupon code which is needed to register and give you access to the Integrated Digital Platform

  • Watch the introduction videos and select your personalized weight loss journey 

  • Download your Diet Plan and Mind Transformation Course Journal 

  • Take your Sprezzatura Capsules as follows: 

    • Month 1 : two capsules in the morning & two capsules in the afternoon

    • Month 2 : two capsules in the morning & two capsules in the afternoon

    • Month 3 : two capsules in the morning

  • Use the Mind and Body tracker to update your progress