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Weight Loss Programme

An Easy to follow 12 week Plan which assists Women to lose Weight Fast, Effectively and keep the Weight off for good. The first Holistic Medical programme that provides everything in one place. Formulated by Scientific Professionals.


Beat Stubborn Cellulite

Eliminate Cellulite in just 4 weeks. Visibly reduce the dimpled appearance on buttocks and thighs.

Result deliver a noticeable reduction in centimeters of the

Gluteal and Femoral Fold.

Can be used with Weight Loss Supplement

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Collagen Evolved

Fortified medical grade collagen, a first of its kind. Defiance takes collagen to the next level supporting Weight Management, improving skin, hair & nails, relive joint pain & better mobility, boost immunity, free radical protection and promotes Gut Health & Circulation


Mind and Body Coaching

Tried Diets before and failed?

Get help to facilitate your full potential and reach your desired goal weight. Finally break the emotional connection with food and maintain weight loss forever.

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