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A clinically proven oral treatment

CelluCut delivers a proven, effective way to overcome cellulite. The trademarked active ingredient used in CelluCut has shown significant results in two international clinical trials, revealing a remarkable reduction of cellulite and decrease in hip and waist size. CelluCut is fast acting and a visible reduction in cellulite can be seen in as little as one month. A 100% natural antioxidant, which is supported by 10 Scientific Articles.

No Lasers
No Needles 
No Pain
No Creams
No Mechanical Applications
No More Wasting your Money 
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Results in just 4 weeks...


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Clinical Data*

The trademarked ingredient used in CelluCut is obtained from a unique variety of Cantaloupe melon, exclusively grown in the South of France. The original composition of 100% natural extract - with a high source of natural and protected Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), proves to be effective in the visible reduction of hip and waist circumference and the dimpled effect of skin on the thighs and buttocks. This trademarked ingredient demonstrated it's benefits through 2 clinical trials. Through an increase in endogenous antioxidant enzymes - restoring a healthy oxidative status, the trademarked ingredient used in CelluCut is able to positively impact lipolysis, adipocytes hypertrophy, and fibrosis. This multi-parametric effect on fat tissue disorders explains why this trademarked ingredient used in CelluCut is so effective on subcutaneous fat deposit and visible cellulite. Finally an oral supplement of 40mg a day, showed results which highlight that the trademarked ingredient in CelluCut was able to decrease gluteal and femoral fold, respectively, -23% and -28%, compared to the placebo group. Those results were observed after 3 months of supplementation. Furthermore, an average weight loss of 4kg was observed (in both groups).

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Two months supply